Ladoire – Black Widow Mr Race [Limited Edition]

With Mr Race, Ladoire continues to explore a register rife with danger and seduction. The essence of fine watchmaking is distilled into just 12 pieces that taunt the onlooker to possess them. Arachnoid codes are set against a chili red ground.

A hot new addition to the Black Widow saga collection, Mr Race adds a splash of red to the theme of the ensnaring web, adding a competitive, challenging dimension. The suspense is sustained, faced with the threat of a nameless, potential danger, as fascinating as the risk is compelling. It is for those who want to play with fire, who stalk performance and rise to the bait, not for delicate wrists.

The Black Widow collection takes its cue from the symbolism of the compelling seductress, the highly venomous Lacrodaectus Mactans, aka The Black Widow, due to the spider’s natural tendency to exercise the right of life or death over her fellow male. Amid acts of passion and ritual celebration designed to perpetuate her race, the Black Widow can either show mercy and turn away, or kill outright in an uncontrollable outburst of lust or ultimate gesture of possession.

A new take on time display, a nod to asymmetry
A visionary poet of the cool, dark, underground scene, Lionel Ladoire takes the solid bastions of luxury and undermines them with subtle acts of rebellion and anarchy. Temptation sits in its evil snare, it leads the way and sets the style. Already, the GMT wheel and ratchet sport the symbolic spider’s web.

Threatening to wake the bad boy slumbering in every man’s soul, its design and vision geared towards the destructuring of time with powerful, post-punk pheromones, Ladoire, let us not forget, is past master of the noble art of skilful complications in the field of high-tech fine watchmaking. Under the label Helvet Mechanic, it adds some surprising innovations, such as the hitherto unheard-of use of specially developed ceramic micro ball-bearings and the supremely successful automatic winding system driven by micro-rotor.

Movement – Workshop-crafted movement Ladoire Calvet/o2. Calibre with automatic winding via micro-rotor. Jewelling – 38 rubies. Thickness – 10.95 mm. Black Widow W-shaped bridge structure. Gear-train with specific, optimised toothing profile. Screw balance, black PVD (A-DLC). Frequency – 18,000 v/h (2.5 Hz). Power reserve – 52 h.

Functions – Offset regulator complication – HMS planetary ® – duly patented. Fixed Hours, Minutes and Seconds display via 3 silicium discs mounted on ceramic micro ball-bearings. Ceramic micro ball bearings (ZrO2) Ø 0.397 mm, thickness 0.99 mm, without lubricant, for maximum output, stability and reliability. The hour, minutes and seconds indications are displayed by cages mounted on 127 and 7 micro ball bearings, respectively. 12-hour GMT complication with quickset corrector at 2 o’clock.

Case – Asymmetric 2-part case: 9 o’clock–3 o’clock: 50.84 mm / 12 o’clock – 6 o’clock: 41.77 mm. Titanium bezel, middle case and case-back. Finished in black A-DLC type PVD coating. Black titanium crown with A-DLC type PVD coating, ergonomically positioned at 8 o’clock. Black titanium GMT quickset corrector with A-DLC type PVD coating. Cambered, glareproofed sapphire crystal. Flat glareproofed sapphire crystal case-back. Asymmetric titanium single-lug attachment system.

Water-resistant – 50 metres.

Strap – Leather strap. Full-grain smooth leather strap, double hand-stitched. Black pin buckle A-DLC type PVD coating. Ergonomic strap secured by a single asymmetrical lug.

Source: Ladoire

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