Louis Moinet – Astralis [Limited Edition]

Astralis is an innovative watch unlike any other. Its extremely high level of technical sophistication is highlighted by a legendary mechanism stemming from an authentic passion for fine watchmaking. Astralis features an exclusive and unprecedented alliance of complications: an astral Tourbillon, a split-second column-wheel Chronograph, as well as a 24-hour Planetarium displaying four meteorites boasting unique rarity.

The sheer complexity of Astralis necessarily implies restricted production. Astralis is a limited edition of 12 watches, each of which calls for extreme attention and considerable assembly time.

An exceptional case
The Astralis case is crafted in the warm shades of 18-carat rose gold 5N, and its polished finish lends it a distinctive glow. This highly complex case involves the manufacture of 50 different elements that are then meticulously assembled. The technical feats involved include the unique interchangeable crown tube system for which an invention patent has been filed.

In order to ensure the purest possible design, Astralis features an ergonomic approach to the split-second function which is integrated within the crown, while the bezel secured with six screws radiates a strong presence and facets that are softened by the work of the master polisher.

An authentic Louis Moinet
Astralis comprises the distinctive characteristics of the Louis Moinet universe: the dial with its dedicated “Côtes du Jura”® motif, the “Gouttes de Rosée” (“dewdrop”) hands, and the brand’s signature case structure. It also features some subtle philosophical nods such as the split-second hand adorned with a shooting star, or the pushers adorned with a wind rose.

Astralis is fitted with a hand-sewn strap in Louisiana alligator leather lined with crocodile leather to ensure a perfectly comfortable feel on the wrist. The double folding clasp is made from 18-carat rose gold and grade 5 titanium with a PVD finish. It is delivered in the famous Louis Moinet presentation box evoking the Traité d’Horlogerie (watchmaking treatise) written by the master-watchmaker in 1848, and which remains an enduring reference work in the field of horology.

Split-second column-wheel chronograph
The spectacular split-second mechanism is highlighted in an original way. The column wheel is made in blued steel, and the famous split-second clamps are made all of a piece. The rattrapante bridge is hand-engraved with a “shooting star” motif.

The LM27 movement
Entirely redeveloped on the basis of an historical Venus calibre, the LM27 movement is a blend of sophisticated technology and aesthetic charm. The finest artisans have used modern methods of accentuating its beauty. The gilded wheels and jewel sinks, as well as the blued steel screws highlight the strong character of this finely crafted movement. The tourbillon bridge is embellished with a hand engraving evoking the cosmos in a fascinating artistic manner. Above and beyond the technical accomplishment, it reflects a determination to achieve aesthetic harmony and which propels Astralis to the very forefront of the watchmaking scene.

Astral Tourbillon
The entire escapement is mounted on a mobile carriage, thereby cancelling out the effects of gravity and enhancing rating precision. The plate is made from aventurine, finely chased and measuring a mere 0.03 millimetres thick – a major technical feat in itself. Aventurine perfectly evokes a star-studded sky and thus creates a delightful stellar backdrop for the technical nature of the tourbillon.

Inside the mobile carriage, the balance-and-spring assembly, lever-wheel and lever perform a full turn every 60 seconds.

And finally, ASTRALIS intensifies the magic of the tourbillon by connecting its carriage to the planetarium via a vertical bar that is manually bevelled, drawn, and adorned with a jewel on both ends.

Limited Edition of 12 pieces.

Movement -Louis Moinet Calibre LM27. Winding – Hand-winding. Oscillations 21,600 vph (6 V/S, 6 vibrations per second). Frequency 3 Hz. Lines 14 ½. Power reserve – 48 hours. Jewels 31. Escapement – Side lever. Oscillator – CuBe, two arms, moment of inertia: 10.5 mg/cm2, lever angle – 52°.

Finish – Hand-engraved tourbillon bridge. Hand-engraved rattrapante bridge. Polished jewel sinks. Grained brass. Blued steel screws.

Functions – Astral Tourbillon. Split-second column-wheel Chronograph. 24-hour Planetarium. Tourbillon carriage – 1 turn/minute. Split-second mechanism – Blued steel column-wheel with monobloc split-second clamps. Planetarium – 1 rotation per day, plate in aventurine.

Exclusive meteorites – Moon Dhofar 459 (Moon Meteorite). Mars Jiddat al Harasis 479 (Mars Meteorite). Mercury Sahara 99555 (The oldest known rock in the solar system, possibly from Mercury). Sun Itqiy (Mysterious asteroid formed near the Sun).

Case – Original design by Louis Moinet®. Composed of 50 different parts. Material 18-Kt Rose Gold 5N, polished and mat finish. Case diameter 46.50 mm. Case thickness 17.62 mm. Water-resistance 50 metres. Caseback Secured with 7 screws. Engraved with the individual number and Louis Moinet symbols.

Crystals – Two sapphire crystals with double-sided antiglare coating. Crown guard Patent pending.

Split-second Activated thanks to a pusher located inside the crown. Split-second hand “Shooting star” design. Chronograph pushers “Wind rose” design.

Dial / Hands – “Côtes du Jura” ® design. Hand-engraved zone and facetted applied hour-markers. Hands “Gouttes de Rosée” design.

Bracelet – Louisiana alligator leather with crocodile lining, hand-sewn
Inter-horn width 24 mm.

Buckle -18-Kt rose gold 5N & black titanium double folding clasp.

Source: Louis Moinet

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