Cyrus – Klepcys (GTE 2011)

The incredible Babylon: Babylon, the intellectual and scientific capital, ruled the world. The city of innumerable material and spiritual treasures also boasted magnificent architecture. But despite its reputable invincibility, the city was conquered. It was subdued by CYRUS the Great who, in contrast to the then military practices of the time, decided to preserve this jewel of destruction. CYRUS, as the man who arrived from barren lands and knew nothing of luxury, as the man who only drank water, succumbed to the enchanting city, the memory of which still excites our imagination.

The Klepcys collection has brought long-forgotten history back to life. Almost all the intellectuals and scientists of the era are united in this exquisite watch, which is only available in a limited series and whose owner will be its sole guardian.

This unique timepiece with reference to the Babylonian architecture and wealth inspires in us a certain lust…

The case design arouses in us the enthusiasm for CYRUS’s men and their emotions as they saw the walls of Babylon in the distance. Mighty, inaccessible, proud, and characteristic among thousands. Only Babylon can resemble Babylon. The watch sums up this notion with its design and selection of the highest quality materials. An imposing case with a diameter of 48 mm (including the crowns) boasts four walls in the shape of horns with high quality finish, and encompasses the main watch mechanism. The slanting lugs for a black crocodile leather band fit the wrist perfectly. The watch with a 18-carat red gold or 18-carat grey gold case combined with Grade 5 titanium with a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) finish is available only in a limited series. The visible screws remind one of the three-part CYRUS brand logo and represent the ” locks ” of the walls of Babylon, which hide uncounted treasures waiting to be discovered.

The heart of the city – like the heart of the watch – contains a new and incredible wealth which is certain to amaze you. The mechanism provides three exceptional functions.

Imagine time as a line. The retrograde hand moves along the 180° axis and changes colour (while rotating the 180 degrees) depending on the time of day (day or night). Regardless of the hand’s position, the minute and second discs are always aligned and accurate during the linear reading of time. This patented alignment is based on a one-of-a-kind mechanism which controls the speed of the (retrograde and rotating) hour, minute, and second wheels.

Now, imagine the date. The units digits (from 0 to 9) rest one on top of the other, while the tens digits change before the units digits. Once the tens digit reaches the figure 9, the figure moves in retrograde and rotates by 90 degrees. It simultaneously opens the space for the next tens digit which is placed before the units digit 0. Another true patented technological discovery.
Finally, the tribute to the renowned Tower of Babel, the building ” with its top in the heavens “, should be mentioned: a full moon with realistic crater images which links the watch to the sky. The lunar phases are represented by a black patch which gradually covers the full moon. When the moon is fully covered, the three-section CYRUS brand logo becomes visible. Time eventually conquers the waning moon.

Three exceptional functions were developed in cooperation with Jean-François Mojon, the renowned developer who received the Best Watchmaker award at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie in Geneva.

The watch face required precise and careful work as well. It mimics the shape of similar triangles. The three angles of the triangles resemble the three parts of the CYRUS brand logo. The logo is identical to the one in the centre of the product, the heart of Babylon, which, to our amusement, comes alive to the rhythm of passing seconds.

The case back of every Klepcys collection watch contains an identical copy of a more than 2,500-year-old COIN, fashioned during the reign of CYRUS. Today, the original is owned by the founders of CYRUS in Switzerland. The coin is a remnant of the first currency in the world; thus, it bears a great historic as well as financial value. All Klepcys watches bear the imprint of this very COIN containing the images of a lion and a bull, the indisputable symbols of authority during the reign of CYRUS.

The Klepcys collection products also bear a special message directed at the owner, imprinted around the coin:
” … Babylon is a city-state with a unique architecture and gathering all the technical and intellectual Know-How of its time … ”

A magnificent city and an outstanding watch are hence conjoined.

You will feel incredibly proud when this precious watch adorns your victorious wrist and re-enchants your attitude towards time. Let the message engraved in the back of the watch immortalize this experience: ” Proudly made for demanding people. ”

Babylon collection products are available in exclusively designed and exquisitely manufactured presentation cases. These are beautiful cases manufactured in the heart of Switzerland in a traditional carpentry shop by carpenters inspired by the very watches.

18K white gold with DLC-coated titanium case (black) model Limited Edition of 88 pieces.

18K red gold model Limited Edition of 33 pieces.

Description – Automatic movement with a unique display of the time on a movable axis, with a retrograde hour function, day/night indication, large date calendar with retrograde rotating three-dimensional tens, spherical moon with moon phase indication by gradual rise of a patch Swiss made.

Movement – CYR598 automatic, 4Hz, 28,800vph.
Power reserve – > 40 hours.
Number of components – 456.
Number of rubies – 37.
Crown position 0 – Manual winding.
Crown position 1 – Set time (possible only in a clockwise direction).
Full wind-up – 30 turns of the winding stem.

Time function – Three-dimensional retrograde display mechanism. Reading of hours, minutes and seconds on a movable axis with a day/night indication. Precise guidance of the retrograde height of the hour hand with a ruby bearing. Patent applied for.

Calendar – Large date, retrograde three-dimensional tens, pivoting. Precise guidance of the height of the tens hand with a ruby bearing. Patent applied for.

Phases of the moon – Three-dimensional moon. Progressive rising of the patch to indicate the various moon phases. In case of a fully covered moon: appearance of the CYRUS logo.

Oscillating mass – Customised décor on the mass. Ceramic ball bearings without lubrication.

Case – Diameter 48 mm (including crowns). Material – 18K white gold horns with DLC-coated titanium case (black) or 18K red gold (175 grams of gold). Coin (medallion) – 18 K red gold. Identical copy of the original, over 2,500-year-old coin. The original coin is the property of CYRUS.

Other details – Inertial balance for greater adjustment stability. Springs sized using FEM (Finite Element Method). Sprockets with optimised teeth (reduced play). Maximum use of stainless steel for better corrosion resistance. CYRUS-specific hardware.

Bracelet – Crocodile, sewn by hand, black or brown, tone on tone stitching.

Replacement bracelet – Crocodile, sewn by hand, black, tone on tone stitching.

Clasp – Black titanium clasp or 18K red gold folding clasp. Design inspired by the shape of the case. CYRUS logo on the cap.

Source: Cyrus

  1. #1 by Steven on February 13, 2011 - 11:25 am

    Thanks for bringing something different to world of watchmaking.
    I am fed up with all these products that are always the same.
    Life is changing…and what about watchmaking?
    I was on the website of the CYRUS brand (11 languages!!…what about other brands?) and I deeply feel that a big brand was born! The story, the design (KUROS: TOP!!), the unique 3-dimensional patented movement (for KLEPCYS), the “Coin” on the back…
    I already ordered my timepiece in Monaco! And I chose the number 🙂

    • #2 by Luxury & Fine Timepieces on February 15, 2011 - 1:37 pm

      Yes Steve, there are many new brands that are leading to changes in the world of Haute Horlogerie. CYRUS is a great and young brand that will have a great success..

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